This operation is done when a dog or cat has had a chronic ear infection for a long time and no amount of pills or drops will help at all. The pet usually suffers a personality change due to the continual pain and irritation.

It requires a general anaesthetic because the op takes a long time and is quite an intricate procedure requiring around 40 sutures to be placed in each ear. The condition occurs because the ear cannot drain, and air cannot dry it out. Consequently, the ear
canal and drums can be quite ulcerated and messy, and if nothing is done it can have severe consequences. The idea is to remove the side of the ear canal and create a new "earhole" lower down the ear so that drainage can occur naturally, and air can permeate and dry it out.

Above pic shows an area of skin being removed around the ear canal/

This pic shows the leteral wall of the canal being stripped down and trimmed to suit the skin resection.

All the sutures have now been placed, connecting the skin to the canal flap, and creating a drainage path for the ear canal.

You can now look straight into the ear canal and see the drum!

Because there are so many stitches in the ear they will irritate for a while and we must stop the dog tearing at its wound with its feet until all the healing has occurred. We usually clean the wound every other day.
This pic shows the healing that has taken place in just 1 week. We start taking a few stitches out each day from now on, and then put him back in his bucket.
All over...all stitches are out...about 10 days after the operation.
1 happy dog and owner. No more ear trouble for this dog!